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2017 USFTL Toledo, OH State of Ohio Championship Results

The 2017 USFTL Toledo, OH State of Ohio Championships was held on Saturday & Sunday, November 11 & 12 at CYO Athletic Complex (Monsignor Schmit). There were a total of 8 teams in the 8-Man Eligible A/B-Flag division, 14 teams in the 8-Man Eligible C-Flag division and 24 teams in the 8-Man Eligible D-Flag division. All teams will receive double USFTL ranking points. Here are the game times:

8-Man Eligible A/B-Flag: (8 Teams)

1. WINDY CITY HAMMER (Chicago, IL) 640 points

2. GOODFELLAS (Toledo, OH) 560

3. RAIDERS (Columbus, OH) 480


5. MOTOR CITY HAMMOCKS (Detroit, MI) 320

 –  DII ELITE (Columbus, OH) 320

7. HIGH PERFORMANCE (Columbus, OH) 160

 –  HURRICANES (Cleveland, OH) 160

“IF NEEDED” CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Windy City Hammer (15) vs. Goodfellas (12) – OT

MVP OFFENSE: John Binish (OL) Windy City Hammer
MVP DEFENSE: Brad Bednarski (DB) Windy City Hammer
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Danny Colapietro (K) Windy City Hammer

A/B-Flag All-State Team:
Frank Migut (C) Windy City Hammer
Harold Robinson (WR) Windy City Hammer
Jason Welsh (WR) Windy City Hammer
Terry Barney (WR) Windy City Hammer
Keon Domanski (WR) Goodfellas
Christian Matamoros (WR) Goodfellas
Romeo Madison (WR) Raiders
Sam Edon (C) Graduate Roofing/Elite

Terry Barney (DB) Windy City Hammer
Pierre Burnette (DB) Windy City Hammer
James Jones (DL) Windy City Hammer
John Carter (DL) Windy City Hammer
Brian Lee (DL) Goodfellas
Seth Dufendock (S) Goodfellas
Wayne Penn (LB) Raiders
Kevin Braswell (LB) Graduate Roofing/Elite

8-Man Eligible C-Flag: (14 Teams)

1. THOSE GUYS (Youngstown, OH) 560 points

2. DPG MADDOGS (Cleveland, OH) 520

3. YANKEES (Buffalo, NY) 480

4. MANIAX AC (Cincinnati, OH) 440

5. TEAM SWAG (Cleveland, OH) 400

–  CELTICS (Buffalo, NY) 400

7. ALL HUSTLE (Cleveland, OH) 320

–  BULLDOG ICE CREAM (Cleveland, OH) 320

9. DYNASTY (Dayton, OH) 240

–  DICK ADGATE FLORIST (Youngstown, OH) 240

–  TPC (Cleveland, OH) 240

–  PUNISHERS (Toledo, OH) 240

13. HOLLYWOOD DUCKS (Toledo, OH) 80

–  X-MEN (Dayton, OH) 80

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Those Guys (29) vs. DPG Maddogs (20)

MVP OFFENSE: AJ Saul (OL) Those Guys
MVP DEFENSE: Mario Wukocha (DL) Those Guys
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Frank Vaughn (KR) Those Guys

A/B-Flag All-State Team:
Eric Merchant (OL) Those Guys
Chris Marion (OL) Those Guys
Jay Merchon (WR) Those Guys
Dome Cole (OL) Those Guys
Robert McKissic (WR) DPG Maddogs
Aaron Hunter (WR) DPG Maddogs
Robert Malave (WR) Yankees
Robert Redd (WR) Maniax AC

Jerome Betts (DB) Those Guys
Lamar McQueen (S) Those Guys
Anfo Fultz (CB) Those Guys
Mike Harden (DL) Those Guys
Alex Mincy (DB) DPG Maddogs
Raheme (DL) DPG Maddogs
Tim Rositti (DL) Yankee
Anthony DeJohn (DL) Maniax AC

8-Man Eligible D-Flag: (24 Teams)

1. 614 BUCKSTARS (Columbus, OH) 480 points

2. JERRY’S KIDS (Toledo, OH) 460

3. SCARED HITLESS (Toledo, OH) 440

4. OUTLAWZ (Columbus, OH) 420

5. TAKEOVER (Cincinnati, OH) 400

 –  GATORS (Cleveland, OH) 400

7. KNIGHTS (Cincinnati, OH) 360

 –  ERIE’S FINEST (Erie, PA) 360

9. LEGION OF BOOM (Columbus, OH) 320

 –  MUD CITY (Toledo, OH) 320

 –  MAN DOWN (Cleveland, OH) 320

 –  BUS CITY SWERVE (Columbus, OH) 320

13. LINCOLN HTS TIGERS (Cincinnati, OH) 240

  –  EXTREME CAUTION (Dayton, OH) 240

  –  JUICE CREW (Youngstown, OH) 240

  –  NEOFFL (Youngstown, OH) 240

17. HUSKIES (Cleveland, OH) 160

  –  LEGION OF BOOM (Toledo, OH) 160

  –  MOST WANTED (Dayton, OH) 160

  –  BALLHAWKS (Cincinnati, OH) 160

  –  THE CREW (Cleveland, OH) 160

  –  ALZHEIMER’S AVENGERS (Toledo, OH) 160

  –  TURNER CONCRETE (Saginaw, MI) 160

  –  SEMINOLES (Youngstown, OH) 160

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: 614 Buckstars (12) vs. Jerry’s Kids (8)

MVP OFFENSE: Mecca Swain (WR) 614 Buckstars
MVP DEFENSE: Karlos Pinkston (DL) 614 Buckstars
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Demetrius McHalgin (K) 614 Buckstars

A/B-Flag All-State Team:
Quentin Bell (WR) 614 Buckstars
Rail Peoples (OL) 614 Buckstars
Lance Wilkins (OL) 614 Buckstars
Cameron Thompson (WR) 614 Buckstars
Jason Faykosh (QB) Jerry’s Kids
Adam Loomis (C) Jerry’s Kids
Mike Dzikowski (QB) Scared Hitless
Dylan Moore (WR) Outlawz

Tristan Gabriel (S) 614 Buckstars
Travis Byrdsong (LB) 614 Buckstars
Jordan Burton (CB) 614 Buckstars
Mark Childs (DL) 614 Buckstars
Ben Careron (DL) Jerry’s Kids
Justin Faykosh (DL) Jerry’s Kids
Tyler Schnieder (LB) Scared Hitless
Bryan Anderson (DL) Outlawz


2017 USFTL State of Ohio Championships A/B-Flag Champs-Windy City Hammer (Chicago, IL)
2017 USFTL State of Ohio Championships A/B-Flag MVPs, Offense: John Binish (OL), Defense: Brad Bednarski (DB) and Special Teams: Danny Colapietro (K)
2017 USFTL State of Ohio Championships C-Flag Champs-Those Guys (Youngstown, OH)
2017 USFTL State of Ohio Championships C-Flag MVPs, Offense: AJ Saul (OL), Defense: Mario Wukocha (DL) and Special Teams: Frank Vaughn (KR)
2017 USFTL State of Ohio Championships D-Flag Champs-614 Buckstars (Columbus, OH)
2017 USFTL State of Ohio Championships D-Flag MVPs, Offense; Mecca Swain (WR), Defense: Karlos Pinkston (DL) and Special Teams: Demetrius McHalgin (K)
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