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2017 USFTL Perry, OH Summer NIT Results

The 2017 USFTL Perry, OH Summer NIT was held on Saturday & Sunday, July 8 & 9 at Center Road Fields. There were a total of 15 teams in the 8-Man Eligible Flag tournament. All teams will receive USFTL ranking points. Here are the results:

8-Man Eligible Flag: (15 Teams)

1. YANKEES (Buffalo, NY) 450 points

2. ERIE’S FINEST (Erie, PA) 420

3. DPG MADDOGS (Cleveland, OH) 390

4. REDEMPTION (Youngstown, OH) 360

5. TPC (Cleveland, OH) 330

–  HURRICANES (Cleveland, OH) 330

7. THE U (Buffalo, NY) 270

–  ALL STARS (Pittsburgh, PA) 270

9. CELTICS (Buffalo, NY) 210

–  TEAM SWAG (Cleveland, OH) 210

–  COALITION (Buffalo, NY) 210

–  TOP PROSPECTS (Cleveland, OH) 210

13. GOTHAM MANIAX (Toledo, OH) 90

–  BULLDOG ICE CREAM (Cleveland, OH) 90

–  GATORS (Cleveland, OH) 90

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Yankees (14) vs. Erie’s Finest (6)

MVP OFFENSE: Derick Pastor (WR) Yankees
MVP DEFENSE: Mike Prewitt (DL) Yankees
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Tim Rosati (K) Yankees


2017 USFTL Perry, OH Summer NIT Champs-Yankees (Buffalo, NY)
2017 USFTL Perry, OH Summer NIT MVPs, Offense: Derick Pastor (WR), Defense: Mike Prewitt (DL) and Special Teams: Tim Rosati (K)
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