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2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH “Referee’s Cup”

The 2017 USFTL 36th Annual Cleveland, OH “Referee’s Cup” MAJOR NIT was be held on Saturday & Sunday, August 5 & 6 at Victory Park Ohio. There were a total of 9 teams in the 8-Man Eligible A/B-Flag division, 10 teams in the 8-Man Eligible C-Flag division and 9 teams in the 8-Man Eligible D-Flag division. All teams will receive double USFTL ranking points. Here are the results:

8-Man Eligible A/B-Flag: (9 Teams)

1. RAIDERS (Columbus, OH) 720 points

2. WINDY CITY HAMMER (Chicago, IL) 640

3. PLAYERS INC PATRIOTS (Washington, DC) 560

4. GOODFELLAS (Toledo, OH) 480

5. HURRICANES (Cleveland, OH) 400

 –  FOUR LOKOS (Chicago, IL) 400

7. THE U (Buffalo, NY) 240

 –  RAIDERS 35+ (Columbus, OH) 240

9. ALL HUSTLE (Cleveland, OH) 80

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Raiders (20) vs. Windy City Hammer (19)

MVP OFFENSE: Jeremy Hill (QB) Raiders
MVP DEFENSE: Al Roberts (DB) Raiders
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Rob Wallace (K) Raiders

8-Man Eligible C-Flag: (10 Teams)

1. CELTICS (Buffalo, NY) 400 points

2. YANKEES (Buffalo, NY) 360

3. THOSE GUYS (Youngstown, OH) 320

4. T.P.C. (Cleveland, OH) 280

5. DPG MADDOGS (Cleveland, OH) 240

 –  DICK ADGATE FLORIST (Youngstown, OH) 240

7. MUD CITY (Toledo, OH) 160

 –  COALITION (Buffalo, NY) 160

9. TEAM SWAG (Cleveland, OH) 80

 –  MOTOR CITY HAMMOCKS (Detroit, MI) 80

“IF NEEDED” CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Celtics (9) vs. Yankees (7)

MVP OFFENSE: Cole King (WR) Celtics
MVP DEFENSE: Jaleel Harris (CB) Celtics
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Tommy Gioia (K) Celtics

8-Man Eligible D-Flag: (9 Teams)

1. BULLDOG ICE CREAM (Cleveland, OH) 180 points

2. TOP PROSPECTS (Cleveland, OH) 160

3. SEMINOLES (Youngstown, OH) 140

4. ELITE CREW (Cleveland, OH) 120

5. 614 BUCKSTARS (Columbus, OH) 100

 –  JUICE CREW (Youngstown, OH) 100

7. MERCENARIES (Cleveland, OH) 60

 –  MOST WANTED (Dayton, OH) 60

9. BALLHAWKS (Youngstown, OH) 20

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Bulldog Ice Cream (24) vs. Top Prospects (0)

MVP OFFENSE: Nick Bradock (OL) Bulldog Ice Cream
MVP DEFENSE: Zeno Inch (LB) Bulldog Ice Cream
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Mike Casale (K) Bulldog Ice Cream

Congratulations to the Cleveland Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Richard Beard (Cleveland, OH) – Player

Andre Evans Sr. (Cleveland, OH) – Player

Johnnie Lemons II (Euclid, OH) – Player

Paul Lumadue (Willoughby, OH) – Player



2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH "Referee's Cup" MAJOR NIT A/B-Flag Champs-Raiders (Columbus, OH)
2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH "Referee's Cup" MAJOR NIT MVPs, Offense: Jeremy Hill (QB), Defense: Al Roberts (DB) and Special Teams: Rob Wallace (K)
2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH "Referee's Cup" MAJOR NIT C-Flag Champs-Celtics (Buffalo, NY)
2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH "Referee's Cup" MAJOR NIT C-Flag MVPs, Offense: Cole King (WR), Defense: Jaleel Harris (CB) and Special Teams: Tommy Gioia (K)
2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH "Referee's Cup" MAJOR NIT D-Flag Champs-Bulldog Ice Cream (Cleveland, OH)
2017 USFTL Cleveland, OH "Referee's Cup" MAJOR NIT D-Flag MVPs, Offense: Nick Bradock (OL), Defense: Zeno Inch (LB) and Special Teams: Mike Casale (K)
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