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(*Coming in early 2016 – Online & Electronic roster submission forms*)

ROSTER PROCEDURE (USFTL National Championships)

Rosters will need to be submitted online through the registration system.
Manager/Team Coach: Please have each of your teammates register as a “player” under your team name.
To do this – Go to your account Dashboard. Under “Registered Activities”, click on your Team Name under the “ROLE/TEAM” column. Then select the “Add players to your team” button at the top-right. From there you can send invites to your teammates.
Teams that fail to turn in the Roster before they start playing may be removed from the tournament without refund.


A USFTL roster must be turned in by each team before their kick off of each event. Rosters need to be filled out completely and with a signature of each player on the team. Rosters can then be handed in at the tournament to the Tournament Director. If a player does not show up the first day of the event, but may come to play the second day, make sure his/her name is on your roster at the beginning of the tournament because no player may be added after the roster is turned in. The player has to then sign the roster before he/she can play.


30 Players Max
• 9-Man Ineligible Flag
• 8-Man  Ineligible Flag
• 8-Man Eligible Flag
• 8-Man Screen Co-Ed Flag
• 7-Man Screen Flag

12 Players Max
• 5 on 5 Flag
• 4 on 4 Flag

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