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USFTL Ranking Point Explanation

Ranking Point Explanation

National Ranking Points and State Ranking Points are awarded to all teams that play in a USFTL Sanctioned Tournament or League.

How the amount of Ranking Points are determined:
# of teams in a tournament/league multiplied by a specific # of points per division:
A division = 40 points
B division = 30 points
C division = 20 points
D division = 10 points

Combined division tournaments/leagues, points are given based on highest division ranked team in event.
Example: 10 teams in a tournament, 1 of the teams are A division, the rest are B & C division teams, multiply 10 teams x 40 points per place = 400 points, 2nd place – 360 points, 3rd place – 320 points, 4th place – 280 points, etc.

USFTL “MAJOR NIT’S”, State Tournaments and Regional Tournaments, teams are awarded DOUBLE ranking points for these events:
A division = 80 points
B division = 60 points
C division = 40 points
D division = 20 points

USFTL National Championships, teams are awarded TRIPLE ranking points:
A division = 120 points
B division = 90 points
C division = 60 points
D division = 30 points

Tournament Seeding Information

National Ranking points are used to seed all USFTL Tournament Brackets, except at USFTL State Championships, where USFTL State Ranking points are used to seed teams into the brackets.

Teams cannot use ranking points from one Style of Game to seed them into another Style of Game:
Example: If a 4 on 4 team plays in a 5 on 5 tournament, the 4 on 4 team cannot use their 4 on 4 points to seed them in the 5 on 5 tournament.

Teams cannot transfer ranking points awarded in one Style of Game to another.
Example: If a 9-man Ineligible Lineman flag team plays in an 8-Man Eligible tournament. They cannot apply those points won to their 9-Man Rankings.

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For a further detailed explanation, please contact the USFTL National Office at 440-974-8735 or [email protected]

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