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The procedures involving a protest are as follows: As stated in the USFTL Rulebook 1. Misinterpretation of the rules 2. Failure of an Official to apply the correct rule to a given situation. 3. Failure of an Official to impose the correct penalty for a given violation. 4. Player eligibility *The notification of intent to protest must be made IMMEDIATELY before the next legal or illegal snap. (EXCEPTION: Player eligibility.) A $50 protest fee must be given to the Tournament Director at this time. If your protest is upheld, your $50 will be returned. If your protest is denied, you will forfeit your $50. This is designed to keep frivolous protests out of the game and expedite play. It is then up to the Head Ref to mark down the pertinent information. I.E.: down, what yard line you are on, who has the ball, score, time left, etc. (A smart team captain will also mark down this information). After the snap a protest is invalid. (Exception: Player eligibility – protest must be made before the end of the game.)

If there is a roster protest, the following procedure applies: If a player is suspected of being an illegal player (not appearing on a particular teams roster), the team captain must notify the Tournament Director of the suspected illegal player and produce a $50 protest fee. The Tournament Director will check the team roster and the suspected illegal players I.D. (Drivers License, Identification Card, etc.). If the player is not on the roster or does not have his I.D., the protest will be upheld and he shall be declared an illegal player. If the protest is upheld, the $50 protest fee shall be returned to the protesting captain. If the suspected illegal player has a valid I.D. and is found on the roster legal, then the protesting captain shall lose the protest, the player shall be allowed to play, and the captain will lose the $50 protest fee. If an illegal player participates, his team will automatically forfeit! Player eligibility must take place during game play, you cannot wait for the game to end then decide to question a suspected illegal player to produce a forfeit in your favor!!!

If a team would like to protest another teams particular rating (A, B, C or D) they may do so by the following procedure:
1. A $50 protest fee must be given to the Tournament Director during the game.
2. The Tournament Director will send out a five man ratings board to make a decision about the suspected team.
3. A rating will then be given to the suspected team. Once the rating group has made their decision, the team in question will either be allowed to stay in the division in which they are playing or they will be forfeited out of the tournament for playing in a wrong division.

Any player who has played professional tackle, flag or touch football shall have to be reinstated as an amateur before participating in USFTL competition. A reinstatement application and fee must be turned in to the USFTL National Headquarters every time a pro player decides to play amateur flag and touch football in the USFTL.

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