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USFTL National Hall of Fame Ballot

Deadline for Nomination Submissions is June 1st

 Bare Minimum Requirements to Be Considered:

All nominees MUST have 10 years participation at the National
Championship Tournament as a Player, Coach, Sponsor, Referee, Director or Supporter.

Individuals must respect the games of Flag & Touch Football on & off the field, positively promoting the game of flag football, & their careers must be of the highest caliber.

“B” Divisions, “C” Divisions and “D” Divisions, Do Not Qualify toward 
the National Hall of Fame requirements.

Minimum Player Only Requirements:

Players Playing from 1/1/1990 to Present:

Minimum of (5) 1st Team All American selections at “SUPER” Division, “A” Division, and/or “35 & OVER MASTERS” Division

Players Playing from 1/1/1970 to 12/31/1989:

Minimum of (3) 1st Team All American selections


Minimum of (2) 1st Team & (3) 2nd Team All American selections at “Super/A” Division Only


Minimum of (1) 1st Team & (4) 2nd Team or 3rd Team All American Selections at “Super/A” Division Only

Select the Years below for each type of selection the Nominee has won.

Your Information (Nominated By):

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