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Congratulations to this years USFTL National Hall of Fame Class!

Welcome to the Family! The USFTL NATIONAL HALL OF FAME (CLASS OF 2016)

The USFTL National Hall of Fame Class of 2016 has just been announced! This year we had 2 coaches, 12 players, 2 contributors, 1 director & 1 referee  inducted. There were a total of 32 nominations and this year, 18 will be inducted in the National Hall of Fame:

Jesse Bell – Coach (Fort Washington, MD)
Chris Cellini – Coach (Long Island, NY)
Jackie Dawkins – Player (Toronto, Canada)
Marty Gabriel – Player (Chicago, IL)
Ron Geels – Player (Chicago, IL)
William Griffin – Player (Washington, DC)
Dee Hodge – Player (Fayetteville, NC)
Deley Jacks – Player (Washington, DC)
Bob Kaminsky – Contributor (Green Bay, WI)
Kerry Kiser – Player (Chicago, IL)
Vanita Krouch – Player (Dallas, TX)
Charlie Libretto – Player (Jacksonville, FL)
Anita Marks – Contributor (New York City, NY)
Greg Prince – Player (Jacksonville, FL)
Ray Riley – Player (Jacksonville, FL)
Mike Ritz – Referee (Tampa, FL)
Jamie Wolf – Director (Greenville, RI)
Mike Wright – Player (Washington, DC)

Congratulations to this year’s inductees! The 2016 USFTL National Hall of Fame Ceremony will take place on Saturday, January 14th, 2017 at Otis M. Andrews Sports Complex, in Tampa/Plant City, FL, during the 46th Annual USFTL National Flag Football Championships.

Check back after Nationals 2016 for full bios on this years Hall of Fame Class members!!
If you would like to nominate someone for 2017, please click here for qualifications and nomination form. 

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