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AS OF 01/19/18

Players that have been ejected for whatever reasons shall remain on this list until their ejection time has elapsed and their fines have been paid. Players on this list may not participate or be present at any permitted grounds during any USFTL sanctioned tournament or league.

Types of ejections:
• Use or possession of Weapon: Lifetime
• Action Involving Loss of Field Rental: Lifetime
• Striking a Director or Referee: Lifetime
• Threatening of Weapon: $500 + 1 year to possible Lifetime
• Threatening a Director or Referee: $500 + 1 year to possible Lifetime
• Possession of Alcohol at Fields: $200 + 6 Months Suspension / Possible Team Fine
• Throwing A Punch: $200 + 6 Months Suspension
• Team Leaving Bench Area: Situational (depending on director/referee report)

General player and referee ejection:
• 1st Offense: $100 + 2 Game Suspension
• 2nd Offense: $150 + 3 Months Suspension
• 3rd Offense: $200 + 6 Months Suspension

USFTL reserves the right to change or alter any fines, suspension or ejections

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