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2016 USFTL 46th Annual National Flag Football Championship Results

The 2016 USFTL 46th Annual National Flag Football Championships was held in Plant City, FL at the Otis M. Andrew Sports Complex. The National Championships had a total of 440 teams that competed in 33 brackets on January 13, 14 & 15, 2017. All teams will receive Triple USFTL Ranking Points which will start the 2017 National Rankings.
Congratulations to the Champions!!!

9-Man Ineligible Flag

4 On 4  Non-Contact Flag

5 On 5 Non-Contact Flag

8-Man Eligible Flag

Women’s 8-Man Eligible Flag

5 On 5 Contact Flag

7-Man Screen Flag

Women’s 7-Man Screen Flag

Co-Ed Flag

Youth 5 On 5 Flag

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