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Jim Guzniczak – “Hungo”


Induction: Player
Presenter: Jim Rickert 
City/State: Greenfield, WI
Date of Birth: 02/26/40
Height/Weight: 6’2” / 250
Spouse: Jean
Children: Michael, Mark, & Jaime.
Occupation: Fugitive Correctional Sgt.

Career as Player: 15 years (1965-1979)
Positions: DB/QB/TE
Number: 75
Team: Kodric’s
Overall Record: 110-3

National Tournament Appearances: 3 years (1972-1974)
National Championship Titles: 2 (1972,1974 “7-Man”)
All-American Team: 3 (1972 “7-Man” Defense- 1st team, 1973 “7-Man”Offense- 1st Team, 1977 “7-Man” Offense- 1st Team)
State Tournament Appearances: 2
State Championship Titles: 2
City Tournament Appearances: 6
City Championship Titles: 4
League Championship Titles: 5
Special Awards: 1972- Okinawa- 3rd Marines, 1963- First Marine DivisionChampions, 1965- All Iceland Marine Champions against other military, army,navy teams. I won MVP at QB. It was a great team camaraderie. 1966-1970: Played against the West Alis Racers and Spartans and the Sheboygan Red Wings, these were all semi-pro football teams. 
Most Memorable Moments in Flag Football: When we played againstMinneapolis and there was a fierce battle between me and El Capitan of the NY Jets. This game enabled me to win 2 years in a row at different positions.

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