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Clifford Porter – “Cliff” or “ATL Ref”


Induction: Official
Presenter: Micheal Caudill
City/State: McDonough, GA
Date of Birth: 4/24/67
Height/Weight: 5’11” / 250
Children: Danté, Quincy
Occupation: Retired Air Force

National Tournament Appearances: 11 years (2003-2013)
Career as Referee: 12 years (2002-2013)
Most Memorable Moment in Flag Football: My first USFTL Flag Football game. I worked High School Football with Bret Gavin, who asked me to come out and work a tournament in Clinton with him. I wasn’t really all that thrilled about the idea in being honest because I didn’t think flag football could entertain a challenge to me. Bret and I were always scheduled to work football gamestogether in our Association, I got to know him pretty well, so I committed. I can definitely say, that I underestimated the experience by all means. I can remember my first flag being thrown for what I thought to be a personal foul for the contact and tackling of a player, only to have Bret tell me that what I described to him was legal with said offender standing next to me holding flags as to say, here’s your evidence. I was WOW’d, and here we are today!

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