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Thomas Wosko “Sko”


Induction: Referee
Presenter: Dennis Lauria
City/State: Pittsburgh, PA
Date of Birth (month, date, year): 12/04/1960
Height/ Weight: 5’9″/190
Children: Matthew, Amanda, Trevor
Occupation: Firefighter
Career as Referee: 33 years (1983-2015)
National Tournament Appearances: 16 years (2000-2015)
State Tournament Appearances: 15
City Tournament Appearances: 15
Special Awards:
* Officiating the Western Penn Interscholastic Athletic League Finals @Heinz Field
* Officiating the WPIAL semi-finals 5x
* Officiating the PA state 1/4 finals
* Officiating the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Semi-Pro Championships 10x
* Officiating the National Professional Minor League Football Championships 5x
Most memorable moment in flag &touch football:
* Officiating the USFTL National Championship 8man “A” winners bracket…”B “Final…”C” Semi-Final…”D” Final all in the same year!
* Officiating the USFTL National Championship Women’s “A” Final that lasted 2 1/2 hrs!

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