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Steve Gjenero “G-Man


Induction: Player
Presenter: Jay Cuccia
City/State: New Orleans, LA
Date of Birth: 7-20-62
Height/Weight: 6’1”/210
Spouse: Amy
Children: Madeline, Mattilyn
Occupation: Medical Sales Rep.

Career as Player: 25 years (1982-2006)
Position: QB, DB
Team: No Fault Flyers, Bad Medicine
Number: 11

National Tournament Appearances:  12  (1984-1995)
National Championship Titles: 1 (1993 “A-Screen Flag”-Bad Medicine)
All-American Team: (4) 1985 “A-Touch” Defense-2nd Team / 1987 “A-Touch” Defense-1st Team / 1988 “Screen A-Flag” Offense-1st Team / 1993 “Screen A-Flag” Offense-1st Team
National MVP:  (1) 1993 “Screen A-Flag” Offense
State Championship Titles: 4
League Championship Titles: Over 100
Special Awards: The College National Flag Football Championships named the Intramural Athlete of the year award the “Steve Gjenero Award”
Most Memorable Moments in Flag Football: Playing for Bad Medicine against Michelob Light, of Thibodaux, LA, in Dallas, TX at the Screen Flag National Championships, Bad Medicine was down by 3 touchdowns with 2 minutes left and came back to win by 1 point on an alley oop touchdown pass to Daryl Cuquet with no time left on the clock.

Past National Flag Football Hall of Fame Nominee & Winners

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