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Martin J. Burke Sr. “Stoney Burke


Induction: Coach
Presenter: John McGraw
City/State: Baltimore, MD
Date of Birth: 4/17/44
Height/Weight: 5’10’’ 220
Spouse: Marcie
Children: Martin Jr. &  Ryan
Occupation: President of Wireless Company ATC Inc., President of Alcohol Detention Systems Inc.

Career as Player: 20 years (1964-1983)
Position: RB, WR, C, DE, DB
Team: Wildwood AA, Packers, Blaze
Number: 84

National Tournament Appearances: 33 (1976-2008)
National Championship Titles: 2 (2000 “9-man” Packer’s, 2003 “9-Man” Packers)
State Tournament Appearances: 20
State Championship Titles: 7
Career as Coach: 22 years (1987-2008)
Special Awards: Awarded Medal of Friendship by Uruguay at the World Cup in 2001.
Most Memorable Moments in Flag Football: Winning the USFTL National Championships in 2000 in Orlando, FL. Winning the World Cup 9-6 over Canada. Also, Winning 1st USFTL East Coast Regional.

Past National Flag Football Hall of Fame Nominee & Winners

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