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Kimberly L. Kibort


Induction: Player
Presenter:  Candy Kolarik
City/State: Cleveland, OH
Date of Birth: 02/16/61
Height/Weight: 5’9’’ / 152
Occupation: Manager of Estabrook Recreation Center

Career as Player: 15 years (1993-2007)
Position: DB, Center, WR
Number: 23
Team: Hennie Homes, Rec Room/Tap House, Tap House
Overall Record: 253-11

National Tournament Appearances: 12 years (1994-2000, 2002-2006)
National Championship Titles:  8 (1998-2000, 2002-2006 Hennie Homes)
All-American Team:   (8) 1993 “Women’s Flag” Offense-3rdTeam, 1996 “Women’s Flag” Defense-1st Team, 1998 “Women’s Flag” Defense-1st Team, 1999 “Women’s Flag” Defense-1st Team, 2000 “Women’s Flag” Defense-1st Team, 2002 “Women’s Flag” Defense-1st Team, 2003 “Women’s Flag” Defense 1st Team, 2004 “Women’s Flag” Defense-1stTeam
National MVP:   (2) 1999 Special Teams, 2003 Special Teams
League Championship Titles: 11
All-Tournament Team: 7 (1996-2000, 2003-2004/ Women’s Regional Tournament)
Tournament MVP: 1 (2004/ Women’s Regional Tournament)
Most Memorable Moments in Flag Football: Winning the National Women’s Flag Football Championship in 2004. It was the most competitive tournament for me, and the year my father passed away.

Past National Flag Football Hall of Fame Nominee & Winners

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