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Dave Billiter


Induction: Player/Coach
Presenter: Todd Wingate
City/State: Rochester, NY
Date of Birth: 12-04-62
Height/Weight: 6’2”/220
Spouse: Michelle
Children: Brianna
Occupation: Law Enforcement Officer

Career as Player: 19 years (1988-2006)
Position: QB
Number: 14
Team: Bulls (1988-2006)

National Tournament Appearances: 18 years (1989-2006)
National Championship Titles: 2 (1994, 2005)
All-American Team: (5) 1992 “B-Flag” Offense-1st Team /1994 “9-man Ineligible A-Flag” Offense-1st Team / 1995 “A-Flag” Offense-3rd Team / 2000 “9-man Ineligible A-Flag” Offense-1st Team / 2005 “8-man Ineligible B-Flag” Offense-1stTeam
State Championship Titles: 6 (1989-1994)
State MVP: 3
League Championship Titles: 10
Career as Coach: 19 years (1988-2006)
Special Awards: Held numerous passing records for Buffalo State University (1983-1986).
Most Memorable Moments in Flag Football: In 1991, beating Bud Light Hammer Droppers, of Michigan, in semi-finals to advance to the championship game of the 9-man National Championships against Tri-Gems.

Past National Flag Football Hall of Fame Nominee & Winners

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