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Bryan C. Washington “Kazzo & Coach K


Induction: Coach
Presenter: Greg Tapscott, Michael Thompson
City/State: Washington, DC
Date of Birth: 11/03/60
Height/Weight: 5’9’’ / 200
Spouse: Adria
Children: Bryan Jr., Bria
Occupation: Federal Law Enforcement

Career as Player: 17 years (1985-2001)
Position: WR, TE, Center, Guard
Number: 22
Team: Sun Devils (1985), Just Us (1986-1992), Coleman Clan (1993), New Breed (1993), BET (1993-1995), Afro’s (1996), Brother’s AC (1996-2007)

National Tournament Appearances:  13 (1993, 1996-2007)
National Championship Titles: 4 (1993 “Super-Touch” New Breed/ 1999 “A-Flag” Brother’s AC/ 2001 “9-Man” Brother’s AC / 2004 “A-Flag” Brothers AC)
All-American Team: 1 (1997 “A-Touch” Offense)
State Tournament Appearances: 1 (2003)
State Championship Titles: 1 (2003)
City Tournament Appearances:  20
City Championship Titles: 14
League Championship Titles: 10
All-League Team: 5
All-Tournament Team: 5
Career as Coach: 12 years (1996-2007)
Special Awards: Selected to Coach/Play in numerous All-Star Games including this years Ely All-Star Team.
Most Memorable Moments in Flag Football: The team preparation and gatherings before traveling to the Nationals. And in 2001, when we came to the Nationals (with that little team) to play “9-Man” and no one gave us a chance of winning and we came out at the “9-Man” National Champions. I will never forget the look on my teams’ faces that night. Also, winning our 2nd “8-Man Eligible” A-Flag National Championship in 2004.

Past National Flag Football Hall of Fame Nominee & Winners

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