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The United States Flag & Touch Football League (U.S.F.T.L.) is a non-profit, 501-(c)(3) membership based organization that was founded in 1988, in Cleveland, Ohio by Executive Director Michael Cihon. The sports of Flag & Touch football were in desperate need of some type of organization because of the vast number of different rules that were being used by different local groups around the country. The U.S.F.T.L. was the first organization to address all versions of Flag & Touch Football in clear, concise Rule Book. Due to the differing opinions on how the game should be played, the U.S.F.T.L did an exhaustive 5 year study of all the different types of Flag & Touch football and concluded that there were 4 basic styles of play (Games.). Those “games” are Flag Football, Touch Football, Screen Flag Football and ineligible Lineman Flag Football. The U.S.F.T.L is dedicated to promoting the games of Flag & Touch Football to all people, regardless of gender, race, age, religious affiliation or natural ability.

Our mission is to establish uniform rules and regulations in order to ensure safe and enjoyable participation for everyone. The organization encourages sportsmanship and fair play at all levels, while educating all who are interested in the proper skills necessary for safe and rewarding play. This is accomplished through creation of rules, conducting clinics, training and certifying officials and producing educational aids (video tapes, training manuals, etc.) for the continuing education in the sports of Flag & Touch Football.

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