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 Cleveland Hall of Fame

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Bob Allegretti          Chesterland, OH                Player, Coach
Brad Coates           Berea, OH                           Player, Coach
Andrea Law            Solon, OH                           Female Player
Dick Tekancic        Maple Heights, OH            Contributor
Bobby Visnic          Berea, OH                           Player
Ken Whitting           East Cleveland, OH            Player
Larry Wodarcyzk    Columbia Station, OH        Player



William I. Burrell, Jr.    Cleveland Hts, OH        Player, Coach
John M. Murphy          Willoughby Hills, OH     Player
Michael Ramacciatti     Willowick, OH             Player
Lloyd Shelton              Cleveland, OH             Official
Gary Yuratovac           Willoughby, OH           Player
Ray Zeleny                 Cleveland, OH             Player


Terrance Allen                    Mobile, AL                       Contributor   
Brian Arth                       Cleveland, OH                          Player
Chuck Butler                    Strongsville, OH                      Player
City of Euclid Recreation Department        Euclid, OH      Contributor
Melran Leach Sr.            Shaker Heights, OH             Player/Coach
Kevin McEwen              Cleveland, OH                             Player
Keith Nicholas              Cleveland Heights, OH                  Coach
Patty O'Toole               Roanoke, VA                  Female Player
Comaster Roberts          Euclid, OH                               Player
Herb Simpson              Strongsville, OH                         Player
Kirk Tahsin                  Cleveland, OH                            Player
Mark Zelinski            Rocky River, OH                           Player



Michael K. Clark               Cleveland, OH                     Player
Garry A. Gosky                 Lakewood, OH                    Player/Coach/Sponsor
Ward J. Hill                        Cleveland, OH                    Player
Dan Hoenigman/Great American Awards   
                                           Newbury, OH                       Sponsor

Jim Horvath/RPM Graphics  Mentor On The Lake, OH   Sponsor
Stephen C. Jones            Bedford, OH                        Player/Coach
Jack Klauer                       Mentor, OH                         Player
Lakewood Community Recreation & Education Dept.   
                                            Lakewood, OH     Contributor

Chet Liberatore                 Novelty, OH                        Player
Rich Liddy                          Wickliffe, OH                      Player
Bobby Mandato                 Cleveland, OH                   Player
Brian P. McKinney            Mentor, OH                         Player/Contributor
Terry Reiser                       Cleveland, OH                   Coach Sponsor
Gary Stanich                      Wickliffe, OH                     Player/Coach
Gary Stastny                     Willowick, OH                    Player
Joe Vanjo                          Wickliffe, OH                     Player
Chuck Yano                      Fairport, OH                      Sponsor   



Jesse Caldwell                     Medina, OH             Player/Coach/Sponsor
Cleveland Rec. Dept.-Tim Wells   Cleveland, OH      Contributor
Michael Flynn                       Cleveland, OH         Player/Coach
John Kristoff                          Houston, TX            Player
John P. Lane                        Eastlake, OH           Player/Coach
Bob May                               Fairfield, OH           Player
Frank Melison                      Willowick, OH          Sponsor
Paul P. Melison                   Mentor, OH              Sponsor
Bob Nara                             Brook Park, OH       Player
Daniel Negray                     North Olmsted, OH  Player
Mike Ribar                          Lakewood, OH         Player
Thomas Rogers                 Westlake, OH           Player
Kevin D. Shorts                  Cleveland, OH          Player
Scott Starcovic                  Vermillion, OH          Player
Mike Sweeney                  Cleveland, OH          Official
David R. Zavagno             Solon, OH                 Player


Jim Barry                             Mentor, OH                       Player
Cleveland Metroparks       Cleveland, OH                  Contributor
Andy Gruber                        Kirtland, OH                     Referee
Dane Hart                            Cleveland, OH                 Player
Dennis Kiel                          Eastlake, OH                   Player
C.J. Land                             Mentor, OH                      Coach/Player
Thomas Maloney                Cleveland, OH                 Player
Jack McCaffrey                  Lakewood, OH                 Player
Tim Manning                       Mentor, OH                      Sponsor/Player
Ken Mitchell                        Cleveland, OH                 Player
Jay Polk                              Cleveland, OH                 Player
John Ross                          Mentor, OH                      Coach/Player
Tom Schoen                       Euclid, OH                      Player
Willoughby Recreation Department - Brian Katz
                                            Willoughby, OH               Contributor

Gary Wollschleger             Mentor, OH                     Player 




Barry Benjamin                  North Royalton, OH       Player
Jack Blewett                      Concord, OH                  Player
Larry W. Goodrich             Elyria, OH                       Coach/Player
Gary A. Gough                   Hudson, OH                    Player
Frank Jantonio                   Willoughby, OH              Player
Jerry Jones                        Cleveland, OH                Player
Darrell W. Law                  Cleveland Hts, OH         Player
Gary Leslie                        Geneva, OH                    Player
Allan Sinkovic Sr.              Willoughby, OH              Sponsor/Coach
Floyd Stefanski                 Cleveland, OH                Player
Brian Wedler                     Lyndhurst, OH                Coach/Player



Rob "Junior" Allen             East Cleveland, OH       Director/Player
Bill Futchi                           Mentor, OH                      Player
Steve Kasunic                   Euclid, OH                       Player
Greg Lieb                           Mentor, OH                     Player
Gregory Shields                East Cleveland, OH       Referee/Player



Jeff Arnold                           Eastlake, OH                  Player
Jim Austin                           Highland Hts, OH           Player
Marty Hunt                           Brook Park, OH             Referee
Robin C. Palmer                Mentor, OH                     Contributor
Bill Russo                            North Royalton, OH       Player/Coach
Amos Winston Jr.               Cleveland, OH               Coach/Sponsor




Dan Demchuk                    Cleveland, OH                Player
Joe Lynch                           Strongsville, OH              Director
TJ Morgan                          Brooklyn, OH                  Player
John Storey                         Euclid, OH                      Player




Bill Bayer                              Cleveland, OH                Player
Al Bindokas                         Wickliffe, OH                   Player
Don Jantonio                       Euclid, OH                       Player
Dave Kowardy                    Cleveland, OH                 Player
Mike Yutzy                           Willoughby, OH                Player




Jeff Tarnowski                  Garfield Hts, OH            Player




Mickey Coyne                   Willoughby, OH            Sponsor




Mary Stepanek                 Garfield Hts, OH           Sponsor
Jim Anastasi                     Euclid, OH                    Player




Jay Battung                        Euclid, OH                     Player/Official/Director
Hal "Mr. E." Esterwood     Cleveland, OH               Sponsor
George Ketvertis               Cleveland, OH               Player




Stan Jenovic                      Cleveland, OH               Player



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