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2014 Greensboro TFFL Winter League Results

The 2014 Greensboro, NC TFFL Winter League ended on Saturday, April 19th. There were a total of 10 teams in the 5on5 Flag League. All teams will receive USFTL ranking points. Here are the results:

1. ATHELITES (Greensboro, NC) 400 points

2. TRE 4 PLAYMAKERS (Winston-Salem, NC) 360

3. CAROLINA OILERS (Fayetteville, NC) 320

-  SPEED LIMIT (Charlotte, NC) 320

5. ARSENAL (Greensboro, NC) 240

-  STICK OF BUTTER (Rockingham, NC) 240

-  NC BOMBSQUAD (Burlington, NC) 240

-  ASSASSINS (Rockingham, NC) 240

9. CHAOS (Greensboro, NC) 80

-  MEAN MACHINE (Winston-Salem, NC) 80

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: AthElites (34) vs. Tre 4 Playmakers (0)


2014 Atlanta A.S.C. Winter League Results

The 2014 Atlanta, GA A.S.C. Winter League ended on Sunday, April 20th. There were a total of 13 teams in the 8-man Eligible Flag League. All teams will receive USFTL ranking points. Here are the results:

1. SHOCKWAVE (Atlanta, GA) 520 points

2. YUNG CREW (Atlanta, GA) 480

3. YOUNG BLOODZ (Atlanta, GA) 440

-  K.A.O.S. (Atlanta, GA) 440

5. GAME TIME (Atlanta, GA) 360

-  NU NATION (Atlanta, GA) 360


8. BEAST SQUAD (Atlanta, GA) 240

9. GANG GREEN (Atlanta, GA) 200

10. SICWITIT (Atlanta, GA) 160

11. GEORGIA RAMPAGE (Atlanta, GA) 120

12. A.T.C. (Atlanta, GA) 80

13. PYTHONS (Atlanta, GA) 40

Travis Williams (WR) Shockwave
MVP OFFENSIVE LINE: Herman Barlow (RG/BB) Shockwave
MVP DEFENSE: Jonathan George (CB) Shockwave
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Amos Dotson (K) Shockwave

Amos Dotson (QB) Shockwave
MVP OFFENSIVE LINE: Chad Ruffin (C) Shockwave
MVP DEFENSE: Devaris Lee (CB) Young Bloodz
MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Marquis Andrews (RT) Gang Green

2014 Atlanta, GA A.S.C. Winter League Champs-Shockwave (Atlanta, GA)

2014 Atlanta, GA A.S.C. Winter League Championship Game MVPs from L to R: MVP Defense: Jonathan George (CB), MVP Special Teams: Amos Dotson (K), MVP Offensive Line: Herman Barlow (RG/BB) and MVP Offense: Travis Williams (WR)


2014 USFTL Pittsburgh/DuBois "Steel City Cup" MAJOR NIT Results

The 2014 USFTL Pittsburgh/DuBois, PA "Steel City Cup" MAJOR NIT was held on Saturday & Sunday, April 12 & 13 at DuBois Area Schools (all turf fields). There were a total of 8 teams in the A/B-Flag division and 10 teams in the C/D-Flag division. All teams will receive Double USFTL Ranking Points. Here are the results:

A/B-Flag: (8 Teams)

1. EASTLAND E&O (Washington, DC) 640 points

2. A.M.C. (Fort Washington, MD) 560


4. GAMEBREAKERS (Clinton, MD) 400

5. DC JETS (Washington, DC) 320

-  H.U.H. (Washington, DC) 320

7. ALL STARS (Cleveland, OH) 160

8. GIANTS (Buffalo, NY) 0

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Eastland E&O (13) vs. A.M.C. (0)

MVP OFFENSE: Robert "Twin" Pooler (WR) Eastland E&O

MVP DEFENSE: Richard "Twin" Pooler (DB) Eastland E&O

MVP SPECIAL TEAMS: Quentin "Bucket Hat" McCree (K) Eastland E&O

2014 USFTL Pittsburgh, PA "Steel City Cup" MAJOR NIT A/B-Flag Champs-Eastland E&O (Washington, DC)

2014 USFTL Pittsburgh, PA "Steel City Cup" MAJOR NIT A/B-Flag MVPs, Offense: Robert "Twin" Pooler (WR), Defense: Richard "Twin Pooler (DB) and Special Teams: Quentin Bucket (K)


C/D-Flag: (10 Teams)

1. HAVOC (Pittsburgh, PA) 400 points

2. INVADERS AC (Washington, DC) 360

3. MAYHEM (Cleveland, OH) 320

4. YANKEES (Buffalo, NY) 280

5. BLACKOUT (Buffalo, NY) 240

-  OUTLAWZ (Columbus, OH) 240

7. KILLSWITCH (Buffalo, NY) 160

-  LE/DPG MADDOGS (Cleveland, OH) 160

9. GREEN MILE (Bowie, MD) 80

-  PLAYERS INC (Washington, DC) 80

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME SCORE: Havoc (27) vs. Invaders AC (8)

MVP OFFENSE: Dan Krehmar (QB) Havoc

MVP DEFENSE: Darius Prince (S) Havoc


2014 USFTL Pittsburgh, PA "Steel City Cup" MAJOR NIT C/D-Flag Champs-Havoc (Pittsburgh, PA)

2014 USFTL Pittsburgh, PA "Steel City Cup" MAJOR NIT C/D-Flag MVPs, Offense: Dan Krehmar (QB), Defense: Darius Prince (S) and Special Teams: JT Kirk (K)


2013 43rd Annual USFTL National Flag Football Championships Results

There were 337 teams that competed in 28 brackets to become a 2013 USFTL National Champion. Tournament was held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, January 17, 18 & 19, 2014. All teams will receive Triple USFTL Ranking Points which will start the 2014 National Rankings. Congratulations to the Champions! 

Click the style to view the Results, Championship Scores, MVP's and All-Americans

9-Man Ineligible A-Flag 

9-Man Ineligible B-Flag

8-Man Eligible A-Flag

8-Man Eligible B-Flag

8-Man Eligible C-Flag

8-Man Eligible D-Flag

8-Man Eligible Women's Flag

8-man Eligible 35&Over Masters Flag

7-Man Screen A-Flag

7-Man Screen B-Flag

7-Man Screen Women's Flag

7-Man Screen 35&Over Masters Flag

5on5 A-Flag

5on5 B-Flag

5on5 C-Flag

5on5 35&Over Masters Flag

4on4 A-Flag

4on4 B-Flag

4on4 C-Flag

4on4 D-Flag

4on4 35&Over Masters Flag

Co-Ed A-Flag

Co-Ed B-Flag

Youth 5on5 15-17 Age Division

Youth 13/14 Age Division

Youth 11/12 Age Division

Youth 9/10 Age Division

Youth 7/8 Age Division





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